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Join us on February 14th for a special Valentines's Day tea time!
6:00pm $49.95 per person

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The AubreyRose Tea Room

Special Event Services

Wednesday February 14th, 6:00pm

$49.95 per person

Valentine's tea service with complementary glass of champagne or sparkling cider

May 9th through May 19th

$59.95 per adult

$54.95 per child

Celebratory Mother's Day tea services honoring our mothers and nurturers. 

*please note this is the only service available through these two weeks*

Tea Service

\ Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday

11:00 am or 2:00 pm


Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday

*Friday Afternoon Reservations

please allow extra time for parking

due to the Farmer's Market

on La Mesa Blvd*

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